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1. We always regard customer requirements as the starting point and finishing point of our work. We adhere to providing customers with complete service ranging from equipment selection to installation, commissioning, personnel training, technical support and equipment maintenance.

2. Before signing the contract, confirm customer requirements, recommend the most suitable equipment for customers, save costs for customers as far as possible; design and make products according to customers’ specific requirements and make technological transformation on products.

3. After signing the contract, we will send well-trained technical personnel to inspect the customers’ production sites and assist customers in planning and design on site; have the Technology Department produce the drawings of the installation foundations and then have the technical personnel assist customers to construct. When the equipment is transported, our personnel will help customers in installation and commissioning until customers are satisfied.

4. We train technical personnel for our customers free of charge, so as to have our customers master the use, maintenance and simple repair techniques of the equipment. Once the equipment fails to work in the production process, we will come up with a clear solution within 24 hours after receiving customers’ call and solve problems quickly in an attitude of resuming production before finding out whose responsibility it is.