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1. Ensure to provide good pre-sales and after-sales service for users. Introduce users about product performance and use requirements, provide relevant information and give advice to users before they order the products.

2. Provide targeted technical training according to user situation; pay product quality tracking and regular return visit to key users, and improve product performance and quality timely according to user demands.

3. Ensure to implement “Three Guarantees”. We shall strictly fulfill the liability specified in the contract for products with quality problems and within the “Three Guarantees” period.

4. To products exceeding the “Three Guarantees” period, we ensure to provide repair parts and do the maintenance work well according to user demands.

5. We provide parts and wearing parts at the ex-factory prices.

6. After receiving users’ requests for solving problems in using our products, we shall response to that within one hour initially and arrive at the scene in case of major issues.

7. We shall send professional technical service personnel to help customers to finish the unpacking acceptance, installation and commissioning work until the equipment runs normally if any customer needs technical service.